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XP Blue Seg Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
105MM 20MM 6 SEG

About this item

  • SEG type for dry cutting
  • High-speed performance
  • Ultimate Sharpness for a flawless result
  • High diamond density for smooth functioning
  • Suitable for Granite, Concrete, Masonry Stone, Asphalt, Refractories, and Marble
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Xtra Power Blue Seg Blade

Are you searching for the one absolute blade to slash multiple forms of Rock?
XTRA POWER BLUE SEG BLADE turns out to be an ideal option to work with hard rock such as Granite. With high diamond density, this blade offers easy cutting. This exclusive blade is available in SEG type and is recommended for Dry Cutting. The great design and quality of the blade deliver extraordinary high power performance, ultra-speed and extremely sharp edge for a crack-free smooth cut. Xtra Power Blue Seg Blade is also defined as a super quality Granite Cutter and it can also be used upon Asphalt, Refractories, Marble, Masonry Stones and Concrete. Working with this wonder blade calls for safety measures for it to last long and protective gears for the user. Xtra Power Blue Seg Blade is an ultimate creation for industrial purposes.


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