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XP 3″ Rim Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type

About this item

    • Sharp and serrated edges
    • 100% safe to use
    • Made up of quality that is built to last long
    • Recommended for wet cutting only
    • Delivers refined cut with high proficiency
    • Works best on marble, tiles, granite and similar surfaces
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Xtra Power 3″ Rim Blade

Waiting for a small blade to serve the industrial need?
XTRA POWER 3″ RIM BLADE is everything you need that fits your industrial requirement. The small size RIM blade as the name implies produces a rapid and crisp edge cut with minimal dust and maximum satisfaction. XP 3” RIM Blade is suitable for cutting grooves on marble, granite, ceramic tile, concrete and other natural rocks and stone. Its design makes it ideal to be used for Wet cutting purposes. The quality of the XP 3” RIM Blade guarantees its durability and extraordinary performance. This blade is designed to deliver a high-speed chip-free edge as well as to attain precise results in the lesser effort. Being faster, serrated and highly durable, the XP 3” RIM blade is absolutely safe to use on the compatible machine.


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