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Sand Stone Special Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
100MM 20MM 10 SEG
125MM 20MM 9 SEG
150MM 20/22.23MM 12 SEG

About this item

  • Sand Stone blade available only in SEG Type
  • Generous product for molding and cutting purposes
  • Best results guaranteed on Wet cutting
  • Highly Ductile and Robust in quality
  • Operates at a higher speed to produce a favorable result
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Sand Stone Special Blade

Are you seeking a blade exclusively built to last and perform intense work on Sand Stones?
SANDSTONE SPECIAL BLADE is crafted to work only on the Sand Stones. The blade performs steadily while Wet Cutting on the surface, leaving a smoother finish and lesser debris. It is available only in SEG type. SANDSTONE SPECIAL BLADE possesses a razor-sharp edge that can be used for both cutting and molding purposes. It’s a 100% safe-to-use product in the market that qualifies all the parameters to be a suitable blade for a strenuous job. This blade is highly malleable, robust and has a self-cooling design that increases its lifespan, making it cost-efficient. The technology used in the formation of the blade guarantees the extensive performance and quality that is built to last.


Sand Stone


Sand Stone Special Blade


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