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For Granite (Hot Press) Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
100MM 20MM RIM
100MM 20MM 10 SEG
125MM 20/22.23MM 9 SEG
150MM 20/22.23MM 12 SEG

About this item

  •  Built with Hot-pressed technology
  •  Segmented blade with different arbor hole sizes
  •  Mostly recommended for Granite only
  • Can serve both cutting and grooving purpose
  • Best result on implementation of Wet Cut
  •  Excellent performer and highly durable
  • Best in market and safest to use
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For Granite (Hot Press) Blade

Struggling to find a suitable blade that can be operated on Granite exclusively?
GRANITE HOT PRESS BLADE offers razor-sharp diamond-studded edges that lead to detailed finishing on the surface. This blade is precisely designed to work on Granite. With Hot-Press technology, GRANITE HOT PRESS BLADE stands out as the sturdy product with longevity to deliver outstanding cutting performance on the surfaces. It can create small gaps as well as grooves apart from cutting the tough slab. Being available only in the SEG version, it produces excellent results on Wet Cutting. The segmented cut on the blade reduces the friction allowing it to cool down without hampering workflow.




For Granite (Hot Press) Blade


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