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Tuck Point V Type


Size Arbor Hole Type
4″ X10MM 20MM V TYPE

About this item

  •  V-type Segmented Blade for detailed definition.
  •  Recommended to be used for wet cutting.
  • Engineered to last long and work at high speed.
  •  Designed to perform smoothly on concrete.
  •  Serves tuckpointing, grooving and a wide range of applications.
  • Specifically Engineered To Efficiently Clean Out and Repair Cracks.
  • Imperfections on a wide range of masonry surfaces.
  • Use angle grinders, circular saws, and tuck pointers for cutting green concrete, block concrete, hard concrete, paver, and stone.
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XP Tuck Point V Type Blade

What can repair and create a tuck point on concrete, mortar, and similar plane?
Tuck Point V Type is widely used for creating a V-shaped tuck point on hard surfaces such as Concrete, Bricks, Mortar, Blocks, etc. The process of tuckpointing includes creating delicate joints on the surfaces to prevent unforeseen damages due to moisture and this process is also implemented for decorative purposes. Tuck Point V Type blade is an ideal option in the market to serve the desired purpose of grooving, repairing, joint cutting, and tuckpointing. This Concut series blade is mainly designed to perform on Concrete slabs and can also be used on different materials. Tuck Point V Type blades are brazed, lasered, polished, and specially designed to be used by tuck-point and masonry contractors. These blades work efficiently and last longer when used for Wet Cutting purposes.


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XP Tuck Point V Type Blades


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