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T Type Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
115MM 22.23MM 10T
125MM 22.23MM 10T
180MM 22.23MM 15T

About this item

  • Improved cutting ability
  • Practical and Flexible design
  • Recommended for wet operations
  • T-Type blade with 10T and 15T variations
  • Sturdy body with a power-packed performance
  • T – Shape that digs deeper into the surface for deep gaps
  • Suitable to work on Concrete in particular and other materials
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Concrete T Type Blade

Searching for an ultimate solution for deep cutting into Concrete and base metals?
XTRA POWER Concrete T-Type Blade is for extra deep cutting on base metals and Concrete surfaces. T-Type Blade from the group of CONCUT BLADES has a steep T-Cut that digs deeper into the most rigid surface for faster and more significant gaps. It has a strong body to withstand strenuous work without getting chipped. The blade comes with different variations in the market, such as 10T and 15T with 22.23 MM arbor holes, and works well on wet cuts. T-Type Blade is made up of materials that provide it with the required flexibility and capacity to increase cutting ability.


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Concrete T Type Blade


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