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Laser Welded Concrete Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
305MM 25.40MM 21 SEG
355MM 25.40MM 24 SEG
405MM 25.40MM 28 SEG
450MM 50MM 32 SEG
500MM 50MM 35 SEG
600MM 50MM 42 SEG

About this item

  • Suitable for Wet Cutting
  • Crafted with laser-technology
  • Segmented blade with various sizes
  • Works best on the Concrete surface
  • Sturdy, cost-efficient and safe to use
  • Equipped with faster cutting efficiency
  • It also serves a wide range of applications on different masonry plane
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XP Laser Welded Concrete Blade

Working on Concrete and wondering about a blade for faster cutting capability?
XTRA POWER Concut series category, Laser Welded Concrete Blade is a charm that produces ultra-fast cutting with minimum wastage. These segmented blades are available in different sizes incorporating 25.40mm and 50mm arbor holes. This furnished and innovative technology yielded blade is customized to be durable and cost-efficient. The sturdy finish on the edge makes it ideal for high power performance in the lowest time possible. This Laser Welded blade qualifies itself as a premium sharp wheel for Concrete in the present-day market. The efficiency, quality, longevity and technology enable this blade to stand out among others and be safe to use under all circumstances.


Xtra Power


XP Laser Welded Concrete Blade


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