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Crack Wheel V Type


Diameter Arbor Hole Type

About this item

  • V-type blade available in Size 4″
  • Delivers the best result on Wet Cut
  • Quality than enhances functional life
  • Crafted with adjustable design to fit on a range of equipment 
  • Dedicated to removing imperfections and creating a clean cut
  • Engineered specifically for Concrete but can be used on other masonry surfaces.


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XP Crack Wheel V Type

Want a particular blade to repair and remove imperfections from Concrete?
Crack Wheel V Type blade is manufactured explicitly with optimized design to carry out the repairing work on cracks. It can be used with multiple industrial types of equipment such as circular saws, tuck pointers, and angle grinders. Its robust body is crafted to last long under vigorous work situations and is compatible with the machine’s speed for stunning performance without chipping off the edges. The V-type demonstrates the perfect angular cleanout on hard concrete surfaces, block concrete, green concrete, and more. This blade conducts at its best when used for Wet cuts and lasts longer than expected.


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Crack Wheel V Type


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