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Crack Wheel U Type


Diameter Arbor Hole Type

About this item

  • Size 4″ blade, available in U-type
  • Quality that extends the useful life of the product
  • Dedicated to removing flaws and creating a smooth cut
  • Designed to fit a variety of industrial types of equipment
  • It is engineered for Concrete in particular, although it can also be used on other masonry surfaces
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XP Crack Wheel U Type

Want a Crack wheel to repair cracks and create a clean cut on Concrete?
Crack Wheel U Type blades are exclusive products from XTRA POWER CONCUT SERIES that are ideally designed for all kinds of Concrete. This premium quality blade has a U-Type edge for a smooth and partial-round cut on the surface. Available in one size, the Crack Wheel U-Type blade is indeed an ideal solution to repair the crack on the tough facet of Concrete, Stones, and Pavers as well. Its practical design makes it compatible with tuck pointers, angle grinders, and circular saws at maximum speed, leaving lesser dust and debris. This blade is recommended for WET cutting for an enhanced and chipped-free lifespan. The sharp edges of Crack Wheel dedicate themselves to effortless performance and the ultimate safety of the worker. 



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Crack Wheel U Type


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