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Concrete Tuck Point Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
125MM 22.23MM 9 SEG
180MM 22.23MM 14 SEG
205MM 22.23MM 14 SEG
255MM 22.23MM 18 SEG
305MM 25.40MM 18 SEG
355MM 50MM 21 SEG

About this item

  • Used for various operations on concrete, especially Tuckpointing
  •  Flexible design as per industrial standard
  •  Ideal for wet cutting operations
  •  For repairing cracks, joint cutting, tuckpointing and grooving on concrete
  •  High power performance for the desired outcome.
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XP Concrete Tuck Point Blade

Do you want a blade to run tuckpointing on various shapes and sizes of concrete?
Concrete Tuck Point Blade is an ideal innovation in the field of construction and masonry for smart craftsmanship. These blades come in several sizes and thicknesses to create distinct amounts of tuckpoint and depth on cutting the various sizes and shapes of concrete. It can also be used to perform similar operations on Stone, Brick, Blocks, Pavers, and Mortar. The blade possesses an adjustable capacity and cooling holes to achieve continuous operation without glitches. The futuristic technology in the premium blade has made it suitable for strenuous jobs and added longevity. The Concrete Tuck Point blade has a practical design that lets it operate satisfactorily during Wet Cutting. It can ideally be used with tuck-pointers, circular saws and angle grinders.


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Concrete Tuck Point Blade


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