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B&p Blades


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
110MM 20MM 8 SEG
110MM 20MM 9 SEG
110MM 20MM RIM

About this item

  • Available in SEG and RIM variation
  •  Recommended for Wet Cutting
  •  Functions to create grooves, gaps and pieces
  •  Delivers desired results upon Tiles, Granite, Marble and more.
  •  Faster running speed and powered performance
  •  A 100% safe to use – Made in India product
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B&p Blades

Do you want a satisfactory & power-packed cutting experience in lesser time possible?
B&P BLADES are designed to work efficiently with all types of Tiles, Marble, Granite, Concrete, and similar surfaced materials. B&P BLADES are solely used to create Small Cutting Gaps and Grooves at a high cutting efficiency. This blade guarantees unchipped edges on Wet Cutting and works better with its manual machine. With plenty of little diamonds embedded on the edge, this Made-in-India blade operates at greater speed and delivers a power-packed performance. B&P BLADES are built to last long and function efficiently during strenuous work. These blades are available in SEG and RIM types to serve your constructional need.






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