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Awant Wall Expert Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
110MM 20MM SEG

About this item

  • Available in a single size 4”
  • Used for walls, ceramics, and tiles
  • It can be used for wet and dry processes
  • It’s a segmented blade to serve your purpose
  • Flexible, diamond-studded, robust, brazed blade
  • Designed to be used on marble cutter and angle grinder
  • Sharper edges for detailed finishing on the surfaces
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Awant Wall Expert Blade

Looking for a wall expert that can efficiently perform and satisfy your constructional demand?
 Awant Wall Expert is a superior quality, sturdily built, finely polished diamond saw blade. It is exceptionally engineered to perform on walls, ceramics and all kinds of tiles. Awant Wall Expert is the ultimate incorporation of higher speed and longer life. The blade is designed with a 20 mm arbor hole to fit every industrial marble cutter and angle grinder (portable). It is a segmented blade that can serve dry and wet cutting processes, while wet cutting is primarily advisable to maintain the quality of the blade in the long run. Awant Wall Expert guarantees a coarse-free finish and zero chipping of the edges. It’s a blade built to last and work vigorously.




Awant Wall Expert Blade


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