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Awant Speed Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
110MM 20MM SEG

About this item

  • High-speed performance made easy
  • Recommended Blade for vigorous work
  • Available in Type-8 Segmented variation
  • Suitable for the dry and wet cutting process
  • More robust build quality with adjustable capacity
  • Specially crafted to work with concrete and granite
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Awant Speed Blade

Need a high-speed diamond saw blade to shape the concrete and granite-like surfaces?
Awant Speed Blade is purposefully formulated to operate at amazingly high speed in the lowest time possible. The composition of the diamond saw blade material makes it flexible solid to use and provides it with quality that can withstand high power and speed. This intense performance blade is available in a one-size, type-8, Segmented model. Its convenient design makes it suitable for dry and wet cutting processes. However, the minimum labor and less debris while wet cutting make it a recommended choice. Diamond saw Blade is a perfect tool for creating desired shapes and cuts on the surface of concrete and granite. Its robust feature and lasting capability make it an ideal solution for strenuous jobs in the industry.




Awant Speed Blade


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