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Awant Smooth Blade

Diameter Arbor Hole Type
114MM 20MM SEG

About this item

  • New design Segmented type blade
  • Best blade for dry and wet cutting
  • Smooth finisher on ceramics, granite, marble, and more surfaces.
  • Highly efficient and safe to use with compatible manual industrial equipment.
  • Results in superfine product and maintains blade’s durability on the wet cutting process
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Awant Smooth Blade

Searching for a blade that delivers smooth finishing on the marble and granite-like surfaces?
Awant Smooth Blade is your exact alternative if you want smooth edges on marble, ceramics, and granite surfaces. It’s a diamond saw blade, available in segmented type, single-sized with an arbor hole of 20 mm. This blade features a unique design, adjustable capacity, and higher durability because of its strong formulation technique and innovative technology. Awant Smooth Blade is an excellent performer when used for wet cutting procedures, although it also supports dry cutting. It can be used with industrial equipment for safe handling like – marble cuter and angle grinders. With the innovative technique, new design, robustness, and elasticity, Awant Smooth Blade is safe for masonry purposes like cutting and grooving.




Awant Smooth Blade


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