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Awant Reda Blades


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
110MM 20MM RIM
110MM 20MM SEG

About this item

  • Wide range of applications
  • It comes in Seg and Rim type
  • Used for cutting and grooving
  • Quality product to operate upon granite
  • Used with a portable angle grinder and marble cutter
  • Strong, Ductile, Polished and Sharp-edged blade
  • Suitable for Wet and Dry cutting (recommended for wet)
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Awant Reda Blades (For Granite)

 Need a blade with classic features to work on granite?
Awant Reda For Granite, a diamond saw blade, well designed to work on all kinds of Granite surfaces, is the most desirable in the construction sector. This blade is dedicated to serving industrial demand under a harsh work environment. Awant Reda For Granite is robust, polished, ductile, possesses a quality that guarantees power-packed performance and a longer lifespan than expected. The powerful diamond saw blade is available in segmented and rim types to perform on the surfaces leaving minimum dust and debris leading to the trouble-free and superfine result. Awant Reda For Granite is a one-sized blade that can be used with the angular grinder and marble cutter. This blade has small cutting gaps and quality, resulting in chipped-free edges.




Awant Reda Blade


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