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Awant Master Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
114MM 20MM SEG

About this item

  • Suitable for dry and wet cutting
  • Available in 4” size and segmented variation
  • It can be used with a tile saw and angle grinder
  • Guaranteed high speed and efficient performance
  • Purposely designed for all kinds of the wall cutting
  • Smaller and uniquely angled cutting gaps for outstanding performance
  • It also serves a wide range of applications with marble, granite, ceramics and more.
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Awant Master Blade

Searching for a high-speed blade with smaller cutting gaps for wall cutting purposes?
Awant Master Blade is a high-speed diamond saw blade that delivers insanely great performances on all kinds of wall surfaces. These are segmented blades crafted for dry cutting and used for wet cutting and grooving jobs to minimize the noise and dust, leaving a safe work environment. This Master Blade is one of the highly demanded blades in the industry because of its distinctive design, smaller cutting gaps, built quality, and working capability. Awant Master Blade also helps shape materials and surfaces other than walls, such as – marble, ceramics, granite, etc. This blade works at its most capacity and safely with portable angle grinders and marble cutter.




Awant Master Blade


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