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Awant Dry Cutting Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
150MM 20MM SEG
205MM 22.23MM SEG
250MM 22.23MM SEG

About this item

  • It’s a Segmented blade
  • Highly suitable for dry cutting
  • Strong-built, Durable, and Versatile
  • Delivers outstanding cutting performances
  • It can be used for granite, concrete, ceramics, marble, etc.
  • Equipped with small cutting gaps for dedicated performance
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Awant Dry Cutting Blade

Searching for a dry-cutting blade with ultimate efficiency and strong built for granite, concrete, ceramics, marble?
Awant Dry Cutting Blade is designed as an optimum product serving dry cutting and grooving purposes in no time at ease. These blades are basically segmented typed with arbor holes of 20mm and 22.23mm respectively, to match your industrial equipment for outstanding performance. This blade is exceptionally engineered for dry cutting jobs, but it can also be used for wet cutting jobs to restrain the limitation of workflow. Awant Dry Cutting Blade is crafted to glide over granite, ceramics, marble and concrete and still be chipped free. This blade is durable as it is built strong, performs vigorously, and contributes to many applications. Awant Dry Cutting Blade can operate at 7600 rpm with its industrial manual machine and is safe in the market for strenuous work.




Awant Dry Cutting Blade


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