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Awant Concrete Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type

About this item

  • Outstanding Cutting Performance.
  • High Application Versatility, And Durability.
  • Smooth wet and dry cutting without chipping.
  • For cutting ceramic, tile, marble, slate, and porcelain.
  • The perfect compromise between speed and life.
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Awant Concrete Blade

Searching for the best RIM-type concrete blade for industrial work?
Awant Concrete Blade is well suited for cutting and grooving all kinds of concrete easily. The strong and sharp edges of the blade produce unmatched finishing on the surface that calls for a blade on-demand in the tools industry. This one is a TURBO blade which is an absolute choice for wet cutting. A wet cutting process on the surface dictates a longer life span of the blade, an effortless performance and a safe work environment due to lower dust levels. Awant Concrete Blade promises outstanding conduct and contributes towards a wide range of applications. Although this blade is crafted specifically for concrete, it can also operate on ceramic, tile, marble, slate and porcelain. This blade is a perfect combination of speed, power and life.




Awant Concrete Blade


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