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Awant Ceramica Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
110MM 20MM SEG

About this item

  • Suitable for Wet
  • Designed especially for Ceramics
  • SEG type blade with 20 mm arbor hole
  • For use on the angle grinder and tile saw
  • Fast cutting speed and powerful performer
  • It can also be used for vitrified tiles, porcelain, glasses, etc.
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Awant Ceramic Seg Blade

Want an SEG blade crafted for Ceramics only?
Awant Ceramica Blade is a fast performer and highly efficient blade in the market, offering optimum results in the minimum possible time. This is a well-crafted blade suitably designed for ceramics of all kinds. Apart from Ceramics, the blade also delivers its best performance on various surfaces like porcelain, vitrified tiles, glasses, etc. Awant Ceramica Blade is a segmented blade with a 20 mm arbor hole which is well fitted for use on marble cutter and portable angle grinders. It is used for Dry and Wet cutting operations. At the same time, wet-cutting is highly recommended because silent back keeps operation noise to a minimum and the lowest dust in the air makes the working condition safe for the operator.




Awant Ceramic Blade


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