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Awant Ceramic Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
125MM 22.23MM 9 SLOT
150MM 22.23MM 12 SLOT
200MM 20/30MM 14 SLOT
200MM 20/30MM RIM
250MM 20/30MM 16 SLOT
250MM 20/30MM RIM
300MM 30/50MM 22 SLOT
300MM 30/50MM RIM
350MM 30/50MM 24 SLOT
350MM 30/50MM RIM

About this item

● Suitable for both wet and dry operations
● Available in two types: with slot and without slot
● The blade has a smaller cutting gap and faster-cutting speed
● It can be used with a manual cutting machine
● Performs grooving and cutting on ceramics, marble, concrete, and more.

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Awant Ceramic Blade

Are you looking for a suitable ceramic blade?
Awant Ceramic Blade is efficient in grooving and cutting almost all kinds of commercial surfaces. These uniquely designed blades are available in two variations – one with slot and another without slots under different sizes. Awant Ceramic Blade is well brazed to operate on ceramic, including porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and various unpolished surfaces. This blade is compatible with both dry and wet machines and produces expected results on granite, marble, concrete, ceramics, and more. With high cutting coherence, faster speed and small cutting gaps, Awant Ceramic Blade promise to last long under demanding work settings.





Awant Ceramic Blade


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