Awant Ceramic Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
125MM 22.23MM 9 SLOT
150MM 22.23MM 12 SLOT
200MM 20/30MM 14 SLOT
200MM 20/30MM RIM
250MM 20/30MM 16 SLOT
250MM 20/30MM RIM
300MM 30/50MM 22 SLOT
300MM 30/50MM RIM
350MM 30/50MM 24 SLOT
350MM 30/50MM RIM

About this item

  • SIZE 5″, 6″  8”, 10”, 12” & 14”
  • High Cutting Efficiency.
  • Fast Cutting Speed and Small Cutting Gap.
  • For cutting grooving on marble, granite, ceramic tile, concrete used on the manual cutting machine.
  • Suitable for dry/wet machines.
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Awant Ceramic Blade




Awant Ceramic Blade


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