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Awant Signature Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
105MM 20MM SEG

About this item

● Turbo type blade
● The blade is suitable for cutting purposes
● It can be used upon Stones, Concrete and Granite
● Wet cutting is recommended
● 100% safe to use in all industrial environments.

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Awant Signature Blade

Need a blade that delivers effortless performance on stones, granite and concrete?
Awant Signature Blade is a power-packed invention to slice and groove upon all kinds of stone, concrete, and granite. This is a one-sized blade available with a 20 mm arbor hole which is compatible with all your portable angle grinder and marble cutter. Awant Signature Blade is a Turbo Blade with cooling vents that prevent heat buildup and help uninterrupted surface performance. This blade is packed with more excellent working and cutting proficiency that delivers the desired result. Awant Signature Blade is suitable for wet and dry cutting while mostly recommended for wet cutting as that guarantees a longer life of the blade. This blade can be used for cutting purposes on granite, stones, and concrete as well as it can also be used for smaller cutting gaps. With higher efficiency, it is safe to use.


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