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Wood Flat Bit


Size(in MM) Size(in MM)
6 18
8 19
10 20
12 22
13 25
14 32
16 38
  • An easy-to-use outline.
  • Exceptional finish
  • Adjustable Capacity.
  • Convenient Design.
  • Flat drill bits go with high speed.
  • They are used in power drills and screwdrivers, both corded and cordless.
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Wood Flat Bit Accessories

Searching for a good Wood Flat Bit?
The Xtra Power wood flat bits are used in power drills and screwdrivers. Wood Drill Bits are typically the fastest, least demanding and least expensive answer for drilling larger width holes. These flat drill bits are designed to use in corded or cordless power drills and screwdrivers. They construct a hole with a flat bottom with a central point. They have an adjustable capacity that can be changed according to the user’s demands. It has a high-quality design that is easy to use and delivers excellent performance. Each bit is made with durable materials that ensure exceptional performance with high-speed drilling, giving you a smooth finish. These bits are ideal for improving the efficiency of projects at home and office.


Xtra Power


Wood Flat Bit


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