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Xtra Power Wood Carving Disc 125MM


S. No. Size
1 125MM

About this item

  • Suitable For Angle Grinder
  • High Speed and Longer Operational Life.
  • Cuts everything from hardwood, plastics, and other soft materials.
  • Great for curved work, cutting sculpting, gauging, and channeling.
  • Woodcarving discs take the muscle work out of woodcarving with their speed, power, and maneuverability.
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Wood Carving Disc 125MM Accessories

Need a high-quality wood carving disc?
XTRA POWER wood carving discs are one of the best woodworking accessories. Sculpture, furniture, aesthetic hardware, architectural components, and relief sculpture can all be carved using XTRA POWER wood carving discs. XTRA POWER Woodcarving disc is ideal for a variety of jobs in the field of power carving and precision routing. For cutting wood, plastics, and other soft materials effectively and efficiently with its speed, force, and dexterity. XTRA POWER Wood Carving Discs are generally used on materials such as hardwood, certain plastics, and laminated products that require shaping and carving.



Xtra Power


Wood Carving Disc


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