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Xtra Power Wood Carving Disc 100MM


S. No. Size
1 100MM

About this item

  • Maximum Speed
  • Longer Operational Life
  • It Can be used with Angle Grinder
  • Hardwood, plastics, and other soft materials are all cut using this disc
  • Curved work, cutting, shaping, measuring, and channeling are all possible with this carving disc
  • With their speed, power, and mobility, woodcarving discs eliminate the need for physical exertion
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Wood Carving Disc 100MM Accessories

Checking online for a wood carving Disc?
The XTRA POWER WOOD CARVING DISC is flexible cutting wheel instrument that are used to layout three-dimensional designs, carve letters and numbers, and shape wood. Blades cut wood quickly and when powered by an angle grinder only, they are capable of cutting wood that would dull a handheld saw in moments. The kit includes all necessary mounting hardware. Usually has teeth pounded into them while rotating through an abrasive wheel made of hard material such as diamond, silicon carbide, cubic boron nitride, or aluminum oxide that is bound to the wheel by resin or embedding in the casing. They are so much less tiring to use than old-fashioned hand-saws, with the electric motor doing all the work for you, cutting is easy and light. Blades can nonetheless be tricky to handle – especially a large one cutting across the grain or turning in a small space



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Wood Carving Disc


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