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Vacuum Welded Multi Purpose Blade


Size (in MM)
Bore Size (in MM)
105MM 20.00
125MM 20.00
355MM 50.00

About this item

  • It always gives neat, smooth, and shiny cuts.
  • Its Functional life is extended.
  • It is designed with cutting-edge brazing techniques.
  • Excellent Sharpness, great engraving efficiency 
  • No damage or distortion to the knife
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Vacuum Welded Multi Purpose Blade Accessories

Looking for a fine-cutting Blade?
VACUUM WELDED MULTI-PURPOSE BLADE consistently produces clean, smooth, and gleaming cuts. Its durability has been prolonged. This blade uses cutting-edge brazing methods in its designs and formation. A V-shaped groove generates a razor-sharp and long-lasting combination edge, ideal for cutting through dense materials like heavy metals without breaking or splitting. This product is highly essential equipment, durable and of high quality. It gives effective carving without distortion or damage. Vacuum welded blades are ideal for various industries such as construction, homewares, and automobiles that demand clean and accurate cuts.


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Vacuum Welded Multi Purpose Blade


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