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Tile Cutter Blade


S. No. Use For
24″ X 24″ Cutter
36″ X 36″ Cutter

About this item

  •  Used For 24″x24″, 36″x36″ Cutter
  • Longer working life
  •  Ideal for dry/wet slicing.
  • Extremely Sharp and accurate.
  •  Appropriate for hand tile cutters
  •  A satisfied and committed performance
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Tile Cutter Blade Accessories

Do you require a considerable cutting blade?
The Xtra Power Tile Cutter Blade simplifies any cutting and slicing task and it can be used ideally with hand tile cutters to properly cut ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles in a variety of angle applications. A tile is an eye-catching addition to almost any outdoor deck or doorway, making a variety of home remodeling jobs easier. This compact tried-and-true blade is the size of a key fob but is surprisingly powerful thanks to its handle treatment, which allows you to clean the edges, making this abrasive even more effective. TILE CUTTER BLADE is available with both single and double inflated sharp blades. This blade gives Three progressive lucent calibers (core) that rely on going finely through stone, ceramics and common covering materials without harming tile body bond. This tile cutter blade will save time, provide high cutting precision and maximize efficiency when cutting tiles under various conditions.



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Tile Cutter Blade


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