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HVLP Spray Gun XP SG-827


Air Pressure 3BAR
Air Inlet 1/4″
Air Consumption
Capacity Of Cup

About this item

  • Gravity Feeding
  • The air is delivered using a compressor
  • The spray gun itself needs less pressure (LP)
  • These guns are similar to traditional spray guns
  • A larger volume (HV) of AIR at lower air pressure is used to aerosolize and push the paint
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Xtra Power HVLP Spray Gun Accessories

Want to purchase a spray gun for spray paint?
Xtra Power HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) spray guns are referred to as gravity-feed guns since they take most of their paint supply from gravity. Because of the control valve, gravity feed spray guns create an atomized mist at higher velocities and lower pressure than normal HVLPguns. The goal for HVLP is to be able to spray more with less overspray and have a clearer coat because it is not dripping from the gun. A professional HVLP spray gun ideal for use on all types of paint, adhesives, and solvent-based products. It comes with a wide array of features, including a removable filter for easy cleaning; fingertip control for optimum spray performance; 8 different pattern adjustment settings that allow you to apply thick or extra-fine coats of paint as desired.



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