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Conventional Spray Gun XP SG-990


Air Pressure 3BAR
Air Inlet 1/4″
Air Consumption
Capacity Of Cup

About this item

  • Exceptional Quality
  • Gravity Supplying,
  • High volume air pressure (HVLP) spray guns are similar to the original spray guns
  •  They use a compressor to deliver the air
  • When the air pressure is lower, a higher volume (HV) of air is used to aerosolize and propel the paint.
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Xtra Power Conventional Spray Gun Accessories

Trying to find an amazing spray gun online?
Xtra Power Conventional spray gun is an amazing product that gives the excellent final finishing. With this spray gun, you can achieve a Professional Finish on an indoor and outdoor wall or furniture sand spray with minimum prep work, cutting out the need for spraying onto sheets of polythene in a wheelbarrow (which is also environmentally unsound). This high-volume air pressure (HVLP) spray gun is ideal for industrial painting equipment to spray large quantities of material like water and membranes over large areas. This high-volume aerosolized model sprays at a lower air pressure to reduce the consumption of paint and protect the environment, using the highly efficient mechanically driven trigger device.


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