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Concrete Hole Saw


Size Teeth Rod Length
35MM 4T 300MM
40MM 4T 300MM
50MM 6T 300MM
65MM 8T 300MM
75MM 9T 300MM
100MM 12T 300MM

About this item

  • It’s an annular-shaped saw blade
  • Design that Is Both Convenient and Safe
  • Full barrel ensures excellent concentricity
  • For moderately large holes, twist drills or spade drills are ideal
  • A high-quality segment ensures that the core drill runs smoothly
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Concrete Hole Saw Accessories

Want an all-in-one Concrete HOLE SAW?
Xtra Power CONCRETE HOLE SAW is perfect for cutting holes in concrete, brick, tiles and stone. Our high-quality segment ensures that our core drill runs smoothly. It’s an effective tool that allows users to complete their job with the least waste. Its hardness and wear-resisting capacity are very good. The sharpness of the saw is good enough so that the concrete can be drilled easily. This saw is suitable for Core Drill, Drill Machine and it is the most durable tool.


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Concrete Hole Saw


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