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Carbon Hole Saw


SET (QTY) Size(in MM)
32 38
51 54
19 21
29 32
38 44
51 64
76 89
19 21
29 32
38 44
51 64
76 89
102 127

About this item

  • Convenient Design
  • Safety And Durable
  • Suitable For Drill Machine
  • Hole saw for the majority of their work because it is compatible with a wide variety of materials.
  • It also cuts faster and smoother with the variable pitched teeth.
  • It is easily cut soft materials, such as wood-based items and plastic.
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Carbon Hole Saw Accessories

Searching for a fantastic Hole Saw?
The Xtra Power Carbon Hole Saw is great for cutting through wood, plastic, drywall and other materials quickly and easily. The sturdy design of the hole saw ensures a solid and durable performance. The hole saw is convenient and easy to carry. Each drill bit is pre-drilled with many different sized holes allowing you to pick the size that best fits your needs. It produces an extremely smooth surface finish. This design also allows the bit to cut faster and smoother than standard hole saws. Xtra Power’s unique C-clamp design attachment with tool-less clamping provides a convenient way to attach the hole saw to your drill and requires no drilling or surface damage.


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Carbon Hole Saw


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