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Drill Chuck


S. No. Size
1 10MM X 24UNF
2 13MM x 20UNF

About this item
Innovative design
Long-lasting service
Excellent performance
Superior quality product
Strong construction with high-quality raw materials

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Drill Chuck

Looking for the latest technology-equipped Drill Chuck?
Xtra-power exhibits a superior collection of Drill Chucks crafted with high-quality raw materials. The product has an arbour (shank) to provide greater rigidity and concentricity during its application. The sleeve design is innovative and the whole structure is done for a user-friendly experience. The Drill Chucks are suitable for light and heavy-duty applications. The product assures a satisfactory performance also. The Drill Chucks hold the rotating tool efficiently without causing a stop pressure. The gripping force of the product meets industry standards and its flexibility allows the holding of irregularly shaped objects. The self-centering Drill Chucks are perfect for holding drill bits or other rotary tools. The product is suitable for professional and domestic purposes and it is better to maximize drilling torque.


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Drill Chuck


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