Hss Drill Bits ECO


Size (in inches) Size (in MM)
5/64″ 2.0MM
3/32″ 2.5MM
7/64″ 3.0MM
1/8″ 3.2MM
9/64″ 3.5MM
5/32″ 4.0MM
11/64″ 4.5MM
3/16″ 4.8MM
13/64″ 5.2MM
7/32″ 5.5MM
1/4″ 6.5MM
9/32″ 7.15MM
5/16″ 8.0MM
3/8″ 9.5MM
7/16″ 11.1MM
1/2″ 12.7MM

About this item

  • Greater Cutting Speeds.
  • Premium Quality.
  • Available Multiple Sizes.
  • They can be used on metal timber, plastics, and similar materials.
  • The front edges cut the materials and cut the spirals along with the length remove the debris from the hole and tend to keep the bit straight.
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Hss Drill Bits ECO


Xtra Power


HSS Drill Bits Xtra Power ECO


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