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Ceramic Drill Bit


S. No. Size
1 6MM
2 8MM
3 10MM
4 12MM

About this item

  • Greater Speeds.
  • Premium Quality.
  • Available Multiple Sizes.
  • High quality cemented carbide bit is used.
  • Applicable to stone, ceramic tile, solid wood, plywood, aluminum alloy, plastic & metal, etc.
  • Not easily damaged and cracked during drilling operations.
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Ceramic Drill Bit Accessories

The search for a high-quality drill bit?
Xtra Power CERAMIC DRILL BIT is made up of high-quality cemented carbide. The carbide prevents it from easily breaking or damaging during the drilling process. It is suitable for stone, ceramic tile, plywood, aluminum alloy, and other materials. Its high-speed rotation generates less heat for more efficient drilling and more efficient use of the material. It provides greater stability, reducing the vibration in the handle when drilling. Moreover, its design ensures high velocity during the drilling process, which helps prevent the bit from getting stuck in concrete or other hard surfaces.


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Ceramic Drill Bit


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