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Vacuum Welded Core Bits


S. No. Size S. No. Size
1 6.5 MM 13 32 MM
2 8.5 MM 14 33 MM
3 10 MM 15 35 MM
4 12 MM 16 37 MM
5 14 MM 17 38 MM
6 16 MM 18 40 MM
7 19 MM 19 42 MM
8 20 MM 20 45 MM
9 22 MM 21 50 MM
10 25 MM 22 52 MM
11 26 MM 23 60 MM
12 30 MM 24 68 MM

About this item

  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • High Performance.
  • Fast Speed and High Quantity.
  • Each bit is vibration-free due to the precision manufactured barrel.
  • That precisely machined barrel ensures that each bit vibration-free.
  • Vacuum welded core bits are designed for maximum drilling capacity required by the professional applications.
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Vacuum Welded Core Bits

Searching for high-penetrative core bits?
VACUUM WELDED CORE BITS are made of high-quality raw materials and advanced tools. These Vacuum welded core bits are best for drilling purposes. You can drill at a high pace and in large quantities. The bits have high performance with a professionally-designed vacuum welded core bit. It is designed to provide fast cutting speed and high-quality work, ensuring superior wear resistance, durability, and rust resistance. This tool is suitable for drilling on flat, curved, and twisted surfaces. The Vacuum welded core bits are available in different sizes, which can be customized as per the requirements of our customers used in marbles, granite, concrete , tiles, porcelain, glass and stones.


Xtra Power


Vacuum Welded Core Bits Xtra Power


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