Granite Core Bits Xtra Power


S. No. Size S. No. Size
1 6.5MM 11 26MM
2 8.5MM 12 32MM
3 10MM 13 33MM
4 12MM 14 35MM
5 14MM 15 37MM
6 16MM 16 38MM
7 19MM 17 40MM
8 20MM 18 42MM
9 22MM 19 50MM
10 25MM

About this item

  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • High Performance.
  • Fast Speed and High Quantity.
  • Universal wet/dry drilling core bit.
  • Heavy reinforcement concrete, standard concrete, and brick wall asphalt.
  • For granite marble and other hard stone.
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Granite Core Bits Xtra Power


Xtra Power


Granite Core Bits Xtra Power


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