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Xtra Power Sand Cloth with Velcro


Size Grit Diameter
5″ #46 125MM
5″ #60 125MM
5″ #80 125MM
5″ #100 125MM
5″ #120 125MM

About this item

  • Best Quality
  • Smoothing of raw wood
  • High Grinding Efficiency
  • Removal of paint and rust on wood and metal
  • Powerful in grinding force with high grinding efficiency
  • Widely used in the automobile industry and the shipbuilding industry
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Xtra Power Sand Cloth with Velcro 5″

Checking in for sand cloth with Velcro for efficient rust removal?
The Xtra-power sand cloth with Velcro is the perfect choice for rust and paint removal from wood and metals, leaving a clean surface without a scratch. The product is widely used in the automobile and shipbuilding industry. The sand cloth with Velcro comes with super-strong backing to protect it from shredding and tearing. The cloth backing decreases the chances of having small fragments on the surface after the preparation. The durable abrasive works on hard surfaces as well. It has a powerful grinding force providing the best quality performance in each use and is easy to set up with electrical tools.


Xtra Power


Sand Cloth with Velcro

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