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Xtra Power Wool Pad


Size Diameter
9″ 230MM
6″ 150MM

About this item

  • Great Adsorbent
  • Used for polishing
  • Highly aggressive pads
  • High-quality material and require less pressure
  • Ideal for polishing and finishing of glass surfaces
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Xtra Power Wool Pad 9”& 6″

Are you looking for an excellent quality wool pad for polishing?
Xtra Power brings the premium quality wool pad most suitable for polishing. These highly aggressive pads can deliver the finest and smooth glass polish. Moreover, these Wool Pads generate minimal heat, which works sufficiently for heat-sensitive parts. The Xtra Power Wool Pad requires less pressure and serves for a long period. The efficiency and durability of this wool pad make it perfect for performing professional and industrial practices. Furthermore, its high absorbent quality, top-notch material, and powerful strength allow the wool pad to flawless polishing the glass surfaces and render high-quality end products.


Xtra Power


Wool Pad


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