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Xtra Power Red Sisal Buff Pad


Size Diameter Thickness
4″ 100MM 9MM

About this item

  • Long-lasting
  • Ideal for smooth polishing and finishing
  • Built with the finest quality material
  • Used to polish hard materials like steel
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Xtra Power Red Sisal Buff Pad 4″

Seeking a highly efficient Buff Pad?
The Xtra Power Red Sisal Buff Pad is the ideal pad for delivering high-quality end results. These stiff polishing wheels are most suitable for polishing hard materials such as steel. Mainly used to buff metal surfaces, this Red Sisal Buff Pad comes with high strength and endurance. Moreover, it is best for delivering smooth polishing and finishing. The dynamic polishing speed allows quick, adequate and accurate results. Its long-lasting feature adds another attribute to it. Besides, the top-notch quality, high performance and steadfastness make it stand out corresponding to others. The Xtra Power Red Sisal Buff Pad is economical and adequate for professional and industrial practice.


Xtra Power


Red Sisal Buff Pad


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