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Xtra Power Felt Buff Pad


Size Diameter Thickness
4″ 100MM 16MM

About this item

  • Polishing And Finishing Of Stone, Stainless Steel, and Glass Surface.
  • Fine finishing and excellent results
  • Durable and strong
  • High degree wear-resisting
  • Engineered with best quality material
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Xtra Power Felt Buff Pad 4″

Why should you go for Xtra Power Felt Buff Pad?
Xtra Power Felt Buff Pad is one of the best products used to polish hard materials like steel. Its highly aggressive rapid pads are ideal for accurate and well-defined polishing. Apart from polishing and finishing, these Felt Buff Pads are highly durable and ensure excellent productivity. Engineered with the finest quality material, the Xtra Power Felt Buff Pads are dependable and contain long life. It is also known for providing precise and slick finishing. These Felt Buff pads are economical and require less dressing. Its high performance and exceptional results make these Felt Buff Pads ideal for professional or industrial use.


Xtra Power


Felt Buff Pad


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