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Xtra Power Dia Ceramic Pad


Grit Diameter
#60 100MM
#100 100MM
#200 100MM
#400 100MM
#600 100MM
#800 100MM
#1000 100MM
#1200 100MM
#1500 100MM
#2000 100MM
#3000 100MM

About this item

  • Long-lasting and reliable
  • Works sufficiently in tight areas
  • Designed for marbles and granite
  • Smooth discs that provide the best polish
  • Excellent flexibility with consistent performance
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Xtra Power Dia Ceramic Pad

Looking for a cost-effective and durable abrasive?
The Xtra Power Dia Ceramic Pad is the most efficient and powerful abrasive, specially manufactured for marbles and granite. Its flexibility allows it to work perfectly in tight areas. The smooth discs of the Xtra Power Dia Ceramic Pad are specially modeled to render slick and fine polish. Its consistent performance and high durability make it the best in the industry. The disc is built using top-tier quality material and advanced techniques to render well-defined results. Its long tool life and reliability add another attribute to the disc. Moreover, its high endurance and durability make it ideal for industrial purposes. This Dia Ceramic Pad comes in numerous grit sizes.


Xtra Power


Dia Ceramic Pad


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