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Non Woven Wheel Xtra Power


Product Size U0(3P) U1(5P) U3(7P) U5(9P) U8(12P)
4″X1″ Y Y
4″X2″ Y Y Y Y
6’X1/2″ Y Y
6’X1″ Y Y Y Y Y
6’X2″ Y Y Y Y Y
8’X1″ Y Y Y Y Y
8’X2″ Y Y Y Y Y
10’X2″ Y Y Y Y Y

About this item

Non-woven Material For Long Disc Life
Reliable and efficient performance
Made of non-woven synthetic fiber mesh infused with abrasives and bound with resins


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Non-Woven Wheel Xtra Power

Isn’t it great to achieve your goals with Xtra-power Non-woven Wheel?
Xtra-power Non-woven Wheel is crafted with non-woven synthetic fiber mesh infused with abrasives and bounds with resins to assure efficient performance. The durable product is suitable for various applications such as finishing, blending, etc to produce consistent and reliable working results in each use. Finding no difficulty in the operation process is the most reviewed feature of the Xtra-power Non-woven Wheel as it is easy to use for a beginner too. The product is not limited to a fixed size and they are available in different sizes according to the requirements and experiences of the user. The non-woven material used during the crafting stage guarantees long disc life. Xtra-power Non-woven Wheel gives an elegant outlook with the quality materials and color combination.


Xtra Power


Xtra Power Non Woven Wheel


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