Non-Woven Pad for Marble & Granite - Xtra Power®

Non-Woven Pad for Marble & Granite


Grit Diameter Thickness
#120 100MM 14MM
#220 100MM 14MM
#320 100MM 14MM
#400 100MM 14MM
#600 100MM 14MM
#800 100MM 14MM
#1000 100MM 14MM

About this item

  • High Performance.
  • Less dust dining process
  • Non-woven Material For Long Disc Life.
  • Grit 120, 220, 320, 400, 600, 800 & 1000
  • Excellent on wet & dry cutting & polishing, less dust dining processing.
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Non-Woven Pad for Marble & Granite

Do you think marble and granite polishing is a difficult task?
The Non-woven Pad from Xtra-power can be the best choice for marble and granite polishing bringing quality output. The product is available in different grit sizes, diameters and thickness for an efficient result in each use. The non-woven material supports the life of the disc apart from providing a professional appearance. The Non-woven Pads are tear-resistant and doesn’t scratch or tarnish the surfaces voting them the best items for the home, garage workshop polishing requirements. It is also suggested that applying a detergent or cleaning liquids on these pads can make the cleaning process quicker and easier. The Non-woven pads are known for resilient and nonrusting characters. The product makes low noise while working and brings the desired result.


Xtra Power


Non Woven Pad for Marble & Granite


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