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Xtra Power GC Wheel LX


Grit Diameter Thickness Arbor Hole
#46 103MM 3MM 16MM
#60 103MM 3MM 16MM
#80 103MM 3MM 16MM
#120 103MM 3MM 16MM
#180 103MM 3MM 16MM
#220 103MM 3MM 16MM

About this item

  • It gives powerful grinding
  • This model is created by using the highest quality materials.
  • Designed to give a smooth and quick grinding.
  • It is best for well-defined outcomes.
  • It’s extremely long-lasting 
  • It requires minor maintenance.
  • Specially used for chamfering and polishing glass, granite, metal, and marble.
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Xtra Power GC Wheel LX

Exploring for a GC Wheel?
The XTRA POWER GC WHEEL LX is a versatile grinding wheel that can be used for deburring and trimming. This GC wheel is made of the highest quality material. It can be used to grind away weld seams, door edges, and corners after fabrication in metal workers, chemical production centers, laboratories, and so on. It is primarily appropriate for high alloyed stainless steel highly wear-resistant carpets in interior flooring factories and marble slabs in stone processing factories. The best ceramic and polymer materials are used to create this Extra Power GC wheel. It is very long-lasting and requires very little maintenance.


Xtra Power


GC Wheel LX


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