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Xtra Power Flap Disc Ustad


Size Grit Diameter
4″ #60 100MM
4″ #80 100MM
4″ #120 100MM

About this item

  • It gives a stunning finish
  • Softened Edges and Sharpened corners.
  • Cleaning out welding seams and areas through Deburring.
  • A flap disc is produced from a circular flat sheet of coated abrasive for metal polishing.
  • Works flawlessly with stainless steel, alloyed and unalloyed steel, aluminum, cast iron, and titanium.
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Xtra Power Flap Disc Ustad 4″

want a fantastic Flap disc?
Xtra Power flap disc Ustad is an excellent choice for someone who wants a wide range of abrasives for various tasks. This is an excellent product for anyone who wants to remove rust, paint, or other undesirable materials from a variety of surfaces. With a high-speed, heavy-duty motor, this flap disc ustad is designed to work in tough conditions. They may be used for stripping wood and removing old flooring, among other things. They’re suitable for both mild and heavy-duty tasks. It’s a multi-purpose flap disc that may be utilized for a range of tasks. Flap discs are perfect for shaping and finishing weld seams, removing metal wear and corrosion and removing metal scale and oxidation on large, thick materials.


Xtra Power


Flap Disc Ustad


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