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Xtra Power Flap Disc NX


Size Grit Diameter
4″ #60 100MM
4″ #80 100MM
4″ #120 100MM

About this item

  • Strong Corners And Blunt Edge points
  • Longer longevity and excellent performance
  • more efficient stock removal,
  • Scale, rust and oxidation of any type are wiped out
  • Applicable with steel, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
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Xtra Power Flap Disc NX 4″

Surfing for the ideal Flap disc?
The Xtra Power Flap Disc NX is designed for heavy-duty debris removal on flat surfaces. It is a high-performance metal flap disc. The disc’s surface area is ideal for heavy-duty use and it incorporates a coarse metal flap that resists wear. The blunt edge on the stock side provides maximum contact area with the grinder’s removing and plunging action, with added power for fast stock removal. This heavy-duty flap disc with a bold and sharp edge has higher longevity and better performance than standard flap discs. This flap disc has greater wear resistance. The hole design makes this flap disc perfect for use with electric angle grinders


Xtra Power


Flap Disc NX


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