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Xtra Power Flap Disc Gold


Size Grit Diameter
4″ #60 100MM
4″ #80 100MM
4″ #100 100MM
4″ #120 100MM
4″ #220 100MM
5″ #60 125MM
5″ #80 125MM
5″ #120 125MM

About this item

  • Excellent productivity and longevity
  • Pointed and Sharp Corners 
  • Any rust, scale, and oxidation is removed
  • Exclusively suitable for Alloyed, unalloyed steel, structural steel, high-speed steel,
  • Also used for stainless and acid-resistant steel, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum brass.
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Xtra Power Flap Disc Gold 4″ & 5″

Are you searching for an appropriate flap disc?
The XTRA POWER FLAP DISC GOLD is a new, innovative, round-shaped flap disc. This unique design features the benefit of two independent yet complementary surfaces and features a blunting metal corner that provides controlled edging capabilities. Due to the high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, it provides the operator with unmatched abrasive life. It also gives the ability to remove scale, rust and oxidation of any kind. Quality and durability go hand in hand with XTRA POWER FLAP DISC. The flap disc gold is an all-purpose disc for finishing, blending and general-purpose. It has a flap disc design which enables it to cut down on drag, giving it a high-performance feel. The corner is made of tungsten carbide, giving it an extremely durable abrasive that will last longer than other types of discs. It is ideal for use on wood, fiberglass, metal, drywall, aluminium, brass, plastics and more.


Xtra Power


Flap Disc Gold

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  1. Rohit Verma

    Excellent Performance.

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