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Xtra Power Flap Disc Flexible


Size Grit Diameter
4″ #60 100MM
4″ #80 100MM
4″ #120 100MM
4″ #220 100MM
4″ #320 100MM
4″ #400 100MM
4″ #600 100MM

About this item

  • Wood and Plastic
  • Exceptional product Quality
  • This disc gives a flawless result.
  • Completely applicable for Alloyed and unalloyed steel, stainless and acid-resistant steel, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, and others.
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Xtra Power Flap Disc Flexible 4″

Shopping for a fantastic Flap disc?
XTRA POWER flap disc flexible is an excellent alternative for those who require a wide range of abrasives. It has a broad range of applications. This disc is ideal for anyone who needs to remove rust, paint, or other undesired materials from different surfaces. It can be used for a multitude of activities, including removing paint, stripping wood, eliminating rust, and removing old flooring. They’re appropriate for both mild and heavy-duty tasks. It’s a versatile flap disc that may be used for a variety of applications. Metal, glass, plastic, and brick surfaces benefit from flexible flap discs. The aggressive silicon carbide abrasive used in these discs is flexible enough to adhere to the curvature of the surface. Flexible flap discs are advised for minor rust, mill scale, paint, and rust stains.


Xtra Power


Flap Disc Flexible


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