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Xtra Power Flap Disc


Size Grit Diameter
4″ #46 100MM
4″ #60 100MM
4″ #80 100MM
4″ #100 100MM
4″ #120 100MM
4″ #220 100MM
5″ #60 125MM
5″ #80 125MM
5″ #120 125MM
7″ #60 180MM
7″ #80 180MM
7″ #120 180MM

About this item

  • Best Quality
  • Used for grinding, sanding, and finishing the metal surface
  • Universally Suitable For Alloyed and Unalloyed Steel, Structural Steel, Tool Steel, High-Speed Steel
  • Stainless And Acid Resistant Steel, Non-Ferrous Metal Such As Aluminum, Brass, etc. Plastic and Wood
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Xtra Power Flap Disc 4″, 5″ & 7″

looking for a suitable Flap disc?
Xtra power flap disc is a good product with exceptional tool life and superior performance. This material is exclusively designed for alloyed, unalloyed steel, structural steel, tool steel, etc. The flap disc weight can be adjusted according to the application to ensure you get the perfect performance. It has superior endurance and performance, which is ideal for professionals. Flap wheels are the most common abrasive. This is used for grinding off the rust and removing paint. They have thickly packed abrasive cloth flaps that can shape metals while maintaining a finished look. The most prevalent uses of FLAP DISCS are welding, machining, heavy-duty equipment and industrial services.


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