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Vertical Flap Disc


Size Grit Diameter
4″ #120 100MM
4″ #220 100MM
4″ #320 100MM

About this item

  • Amazing product quality
  • Extended product-life
  • Sharp corners and edges are being rounded off.
  • It removes any kind of corrosion, tarnishing, and oxidation.
  • Universally appropriate for all kinds of steel, aluminum, cast iron, and titanium, among other materials.
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Xtra Power Flap Disc Vertical 4″

searching for the right flap disc?
The Xtra Power Vertical Flap Disc is an orbital shaping disc suited to finishing work with light stock removal when used at low to medium speed. When handled gently, these discs will remove even the tiniest high-pressure stiffeners and, unlike files, will polish edges, radiused sides and corners with a good finish. These flap discs are exceptionally flexible and complement finer sanding tools, making them excellent for ultimate surface removal. They can conform to tiny radius flanges, hollow line etching and hard corners that would rip up a regular disc since they are incredibly flexible. They are particularly useful as a general-purpose flap disc when working on steel panels to remove burn marks or other welding slags/unweldable places by face polishing. This flap disc removes tarnishing and corrosion of any kind.


Xtra Power


Vertical Flap Disc


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