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Fiber Disc 7” Zirconia (0.8MM)


Grit Diameter Thickness
#24 180MM 0.8MM
#36 180MM 0.8MM
#40 180MM 0.8MM
#60 180MM 0.8MM
#80 180MM 0.8MM

About this item

  • High stock removal rate
  • Long-lasting and efficient
  • Cuts rapidly with less pressure
  • Built with high-quality material
  • Precisely used for machining metal
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Xtra Power Fiber Disc 7” Zirconia(0.8MM)

Why do you need the Xtra Power Fiber Disc 7” Zirconia (0.8 MM)?
Xtra Power Fiber Disc 7” Zirconia (0.8 MM) is best for precise and well-defined results. Its rapid cutting and grinding speed make it stand out corresponding to standard fiber discs. It is fitted to a suited backing pad and used on angle grinders. The disc is manufactured using superior quality material and has a significantly longer life. Its efficiency makes it perfect for industrial and professional use. This fiber disc has aggressive grinding power and requires less pressure. It is used for flesh removal from welds and metal fabrication. Along with its high metal removal rate, the Xtra Power Fiber Disc 7” Zirconia (0.8 MM) requires fewer disc changes. It is accessible in different grit sizes.


Xtra Power


Fiber Disc 7'' Zirconia


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